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Glamorous Shabbat Brass Candlesticks Art Deco Original Engraving

Glamorous Shabbat Brass Candlesticks Art Deco Original Engraving

Candlelighting is traditionally done by the woman of the household, but in her absence, it is done by a man. Shabbat candles are lit on Friday evening before sunset to usher in the Jewish Sabbath. After lighting the candles, the woman moves her hands over the candles and towards her as to guide in the Sabbath. She then covers her eyes and recites a blessing.

These glamorous timeless brass candlesticks are designed & hand made in Israel by the artist Lev Shniderman. Each item is covered with an original Art Deco engraving with a touch of color peeking beneath. You can choose the peeking color to your liking; Gold, Black, Silver/ Gray, Blue. 

These candlesticks are usually sold as a premium bespoke gift accompanied by a personal engraved dedication on a plate as seen in the video. Yet they can also be sold as a stand-alone couple.
When purchased with the plate you get an elegant suitcase box with a brass engraving on its lid to match the occasion according to a client request (1-3 words). The plate is the place to add the dedication. The text will be coordinated with Lev Shneiderman after successful payment.

Text or email us for any further inquiries on how it is done WhatsApp +972 54-453-5379

    $ 550,00Price
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