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The Best Mezuzah For a Gift 

Mezuzah Collection 

Did you know that in Biblical Hebrew, the word mezuzah means doorpost as Talmudic literature applied the term to the scroll affixed to the doorpost? A mezuzah must be written on the parchment of a kosher animal & the words must be handwritten by an expert. The mezuzah case is used to protect the parchment and can be made of any kind of material.  Common materials include metal, wood, ceramic, or plastic. Styles and designs are varied and there are trends in designs and materials that follow home decor trends and art. Cases designs range from a modern sleek look to decorative featuring popular Jewish themes.

The best mezuzah for a gift is the result of Lev Shneiderman's fusion of handwork and modern techniques in the creation of original products from scratch utilizing various materials such as stainless steel, aluminum, and others. The designs represent a fusion of the earth's creative and mystical elements.
Here at `Lev Shneiderman, we present only handmade artwork by Lev himself in his workshop in Israel. Each mezuzah gets Lev`s sole attention. Our workshop is able to accommodate special orders and designs to match your needs and make sure to provide The best mezuzah for a gift.

For more information: | WhatsApp ⁦+972 54-453-5379

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